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Travels with an Eriba

Search for an Eriba Triton

From 2006 to 2009 we had a great time exploring in our Puck. As time went on, especially after several very cold and wet experiences, we decided we needed a little more space. We enjoy eating al fresco but at times, particularly in the early morning, it does become what our Spanish friends would describe as a little too fresquito. After considerable internet research we settled on the choice of an Eriba Triton 410 because it would provide a seating area and table at the same time as leaving the beds in place. Also we felt that, though we loved our open-fronted Movera awning, which came with the Puck, for its elegance and unusual design, we could do with something with a front door. So preparations were made: the Puck was sold in July 2009, a new tow car was purchased (a Skoda Octavia) and the garage door was replaced to accommodate the height of a Triton. The only trouble was we couldn't find one ......

It seemed that every other Eriba model could be tracked down, but for several months our searches proved fruitless. Nothing suitable presented itself. We constantly scoured all the usual sources for Eribas especially in the Netherlands, France and Germany, but the hunt seemed hopeless. Andre was looking out for us, but he too drew a blank. Then, late in 2009, we spotted a promising 2002 Triton BS (as the early 410s were labelled) on a general caravan dealer's site in Gronigen, Friesland, not too far from Nieuwehorne. As a bonus it sported the same yellow and grey livery we'd had on the Puck which we'd really liked. We alerted Andre and, after he inspected it and judged it to be in good condition, we asked him to buy it on our behalf.

So it was that in February 2010 we found ourselves once again making the long journey northwards, this time from south-eastern Spain up through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We were delighted when we actually saw our purchase. The upholstery which we'd feared might be a little dark, was in fact very attractive with its small squares of bright colour and practical dark blue background. More importantly the van had been well cared for. It also came with a very good quality Vanderhorn awning in matching yellow and grey.

Mission Accomplished

The weather forecast had seemed to suggest a temporary break of about a week in the bitterly cold weather everyone in northern Europe was experiencing that winter. How wrong it was. The forecast was now saying more heavy snow was imminent, so we needed to get on the road as soon as all the formalities had been completed. Since that snowy and at times scary journey our Triton has had many more adventures which are destined to be documented on this site. We've ranged far and wide in many parts of the UK and Ireland, different regions of France and some sites in Spain. The only problem is that we keep travelling on and adding to the list! So watch this space ....

collage of images of new Eriba Triton 410
Proud owners of a Triton 410